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One of my first newspaper reviews from playing The Magician in a school production of Bugsy Malone Performing the neck spiker at a Birthday Party show from many years ago.

Many Thanks to Mrs. Lidgard.

(one of my regular customers)

Graham & Hazel Wilson performing the Neck Spiker on my brother.

My first publicity photo.


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Another photo from my first publicity shoot

Another photo from my first publicity shoot

Newspaper photo for the West Norfolk Magic Society

Raising money for Children In Need 2002



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From the days when I managed Carnival Capers in King's Lynn (1990) As Ernest Worthing in the King's School Production of The Importance of Being Ernest My certificate of membership to The International Brotherhood Of Magicians (British Ring No 25



My Recent Publicity Photo's

Hughes House of Magic in King's Lynn

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Hughes House of Magic

King's Lynn

Jack and Bernard Hughes Neck Spiker from Catalogue. (even with prices)



Paul Daniels (Memorabilia) from the Prince of Wales Theatre, London.

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Signed Program cover from 1981

Inside program listing